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This Clinic is proud of its continuous efforts to reach and maintain the highest assessment and treatments skills available in Canada. Several physiotherapists are Residents of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists. One of them is an instructor and examiner with the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, as well as a co-author of three well-received physiotherapy books.

By concentrating on an integrated approach to physical rehabilitation, all therapists associated with the Clinic continually share their experience, knowledge and understanding of both typical and complex treatment routines.

All physiotherapists in British Columbia are university graduates. After graduation, many educational opportunities are available to physiotherapists willing to upgrade their knowledge, improve their technical skills, and advance their understanding of body mechanics beyond the scope of the standard university curriculum.

Canada has one of the most advanced orthopaedic post-graduate course schemes in the world.

University courses are interlinked to provide a thorough understanding of the mechanics of injuries, treatment techniques provided by therapists, and total injury rehabilitation concepts. Physiotherapists who succeed at this level become either Fellows or Residents of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy, which allows them to incorporate spinal and peripheral joint manipulation into the treatment.

Mari Walsh

M.C.P.A., M.I.C.S.P., F.C.A.M.T.

Mari is the owner of the West End Physiotherapy Clinic. She is an instructor for advanced manual therapy courses with the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and has an international teaching reputation. She is a national examiner for the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA. Mari is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manual Therapy and a member of the International Federation of Manipulative Therapy.